Indiacharts has launched a new trading platform — STRIKE — to empower traders and investors to make informed decisions with real-time insights at the click of a button.

Founded by market strategist Rohit Srivastava with over 30 years of experience, the data-backed unified platform has advanced trend analysis and delivers actionable insights through an intuitive interface.

Developed by Srivastava himself ‘Rohit Momentum Indicator helps investors to understand market momentum while the seasonality index provides insights into seasonal market trends to make strategic trading and investment decisions throughout the year.

The relative Rotation Graphs and multi-time-frame heat Maps helps investors visualise the relative strength and momentum of assets to optimise investment decisions and the heat maps lets them understand market dynamics across different time frames for optimum decision-making.

Diffusion undicators feature allows investors to quickly assess market breadth and momentum to stay ahead of market trends while DOW Trends helps discover primary, secondary and minor trends.

Early position in futures section, options analysis and strike OI insights are targeted at derivative traders. Chavan B, Vice-President, Indiacharts, said, “The STRIKE trading platform has been meticulously crafted to help traders and investors access all the information they need to make informed decisions. It will help traders access real-time market data and insights, stay informed about trends and gauge market momentum,” he said.