Telangana Excise Department will conduct a lucky draw to decide on licenses for new liquor shops as part of the excise policy for the year 2023-25. 

The Government has received a record 1,31,400 applications for 2,620 liquor outlets in the State and earned over Rs. 2500 crore in the form of fees. Those who get licenses in today’s lucky draw will have to pay the first phase of excise tax on August 21-22. The new shops can be opened from December 1, 2023 and can continue till November 30, 2025 as per the notification. 

As per the new liquor policy announced by the State Government, the license fee per annum per shop is in the range of Rs. 50 lakh to Rs. 1.1 crore per annum depending on the population of the area. Licences will be issued to 2,620 outlets across the state out of which 786 are reserved for disadvantageous sections. In the State capital, there are 615 outlets.

The margin for the liquor traders has been fixed at 27 per cent for ordinary category and 20 per cent for premium category and beer.