Lycos Internet Ltd, formerly Ybrant Digital, is in for yet another name change. The company will now be called Brightcom Group Ltd.

“Becoming Brightcom Group is a major step forward in our transformation. The Brightcom name embodies the vibrant culture and technologies that are the core drivers of the company,” Lycos Internet Chairman Suresh Reddy has said.

One of the reasons for the change name is the ongoing dispute on the Lycos acquisition with its South Korean seller.

Suresh Reddy said the firm would like to “move on” by having a brand new name that reflects its plans.

He said the new name also more accurately represented the full scope of the company, which offers a range of programmatic Ad-Tech solutions, media and Internet of Things (IoT)-based consumer products.

Digital market solutions provider Ybrant Digital had acquired LGS Global and, through that acquisition, became a listed company.

It then acquired Lycos, one of the first Internet firms in the world, and embraced the name that’s popular in the Western markets.

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