Megha Engineering & Infrastructure Ltd (MEIL) has announced the commissioning of its ₹4,150-crore mega power transmission line for the Western Uttar Pradesh Power Transmission Company Ltd.

Considered to be one of the largest power transmission projects in the country, the project is built to transmit 13,220 MVA (Mega Volt Amp) of power. The transmission capacity of the WUPPTCL project is equal to the combined transmission capacities of Andhra Pradesh and Telangana.

First in pvt sector

B Srinivas Reddy, Director, MEIL, said, “The project required stringent quality procedures, use of latest technologies and meticulous planning and execution. Projects of such large capacity were previously confined only to the government sector. This is the first such project of this magnitude to be executed in the private sector.”

Reddy said this is amongst the first biggest projects in India to be designed with gas insulated sub-stations. The project scope included seven sub-stations along with 765 kV single circuit and 400 kV double circuit lines for a length of 654 km.

The project had to take care of 18 railway crossings, 17 national highways, 4 rivers, and 88 power line crossings along with 171 right of way permissions from various departments, which include 12 from defence, 12 from civil aviation, and others from forest and irrigation departments. All these hurdles were resolved successfully on time, he said.

The Hyderabad-based construction-cum-infrastructure company started the construction of this project in 2011 on BOOT basis and completed work this week. It will shoulder the responsibility of operation and maintenance of the project for the next 35 years.

The project will benefit 10 districts of the Western Uttar Pradesh region.

More than 200 specialists and 2,000 skilled workers were involved in the construction of the project. While BHEL supplied the transformers, reactors and switchgears were sourced from GE.

The project also has Emergency Restoration System useful during natural disasters to limit the costs and the duration of power outages in overhead transmission lines, and to restore power within few hours.