A bill that seeks to prevent and combat trafficking, especially of women and children, will be introduced in the upcoming monsoon session of Parliament beginning Monday.

According to a Lok Sabha bulletin, the Trafficking of Persons (Protection, Care and Rehabilitation) Bill, 2022, will be introduced for consideration and passing in the Parliament.

Victim rehabilitation

The Bill seeks to prevent and combat trafficking of persons, especially women and children, to provide care, protection, assistance and rehabilitation to the victims, while respecting their rights, and creating a supportive legal, economic and social environment for them, and ensure prosecution of offenders.

According to the draft bill, a person found guilty of trafficking can be imprisoned for a term not less than seven years that may extend to 10 years.

The convict shall also be liable to a fine not less than ₹1 lakh that may extend up to ₹5 lakh. Severe punishment has been proposed for offences classified as aggravated forms of trafficking.

Several anti-human trafficking activists and NGOs have been pushing for the early passage of the bill in Parliament.

The monsoon session of Parliament is scheduled to run from July 18 and continue till August 12. P