Andhra Pradesh Chief Minister N Chandrababu Naidu has urged the Centre to institute a high powered enquiry into the illegal phone tapping by the Telangana Government and put in the necessary administrative mechanism to govern the common capital.

The phone tapping invokes serious threat to liberty and undermines democratic norms and rights under Article 19 and 21 of the Constitution, he says requiring immediate action by the Government of India.

In a letter addressed to Prime Minister Narendra Modi, Naidu explained the recent developments wherein alleged conversations on telephone were selectively leaked requesting for an enquiry into the illegal phone tapping by Telangana Government of all cases, including Government officers, politicians and their family members in violation of rules and regulations.

Referring to Section 5 of Andhra Pradesh Re-organisation Act 2014, he mentioned that it provides for Hyderabad as a common capital for both AP and Telangana and it provides for special responsibility to the Governor with reference to law and order, internal security, allocation and management of government buildings to ensure safety and security of the people.

Naidu contended that the Telangana CM and Government functionaries have been humiliating the people of Andhra origin by calling names like looters, exploiters for the last one year.

He further contended that since the law and order is now in the Telangana CM’s purview, phone tapping has been resorted to in contravention to provisions of law. Telangana Home Minister has admitted through the electronic and print media that the Government was in possession of phone conversations of Government functionaries of Andhra Pradesh.

Naidu also wrote Telangana Government had outsourced illegal phone tapping to private investigating agencies.

It may be recalled, the issue between AP and TS flared up after a Telangana TDP MLA A Revantha Reddy was caught by sleuths of Anti-Corruption Bureau last week on charges of bribing Elvis Stephenson, nominated MLA. Reddy continues to be in judicial custody and data gathered against him has been sent by the local court for forensic analysis. He was enlarged on bail for 12 hours on Thursday to attend to his daughter’s engagement ceremony. A local TV channel had also released alleged taped conversation of Naidu.

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