Getting rid of colonial hangover during the 74th Republic Day celebrations, the traditional ceremonial 21-gun salute at the Kartavya Path was not fired from the World War II vintage cannons on Thursday but by Made in India 105-mm Indian field guns.

Seven 1940s-era cannons associated with the 2281 Field Regiment and Made in United Kingdom were deployed by the artillery to fire a ceremonial salute after the national flag was unfurled followed by the National Anthem. “The iconic 21 Gun Salute….For the first time ever, the Gunners of 8711 Field Battery (Ceremonial) presented the traditional 21 #GunSalute with the indigenously made 105 mm Indian Field Guns #IFG on the occasion of #RepublicDay23. #IndianArmy #OnPathToTransformation,” the Army tweeted along with its pictures on Thursday.

The cannons boomed as long as the National Anthem lasted.

Ahead of the RD parade, Chief of Staff for the Delhi Area Major General Bhavnish Kumar told the media on January 23 that this year 105 mm guns would replace 25-pounders for the 21-gun salute. Maj Gen Kumar said, “Since the 105-mm Indian Field Gun is an indigenous gun, we want to use this to replace the 25-pounder guns used earlier for the 21-Gun Salute. And, it is a matter of pride that we are showcasing our indigenous gun for this too”.

The 105 mm field gun was designed in 1972 and manufactured by the Gun Carriage Factory in Jabalpur and the Field Gun Factory in Kanpur. The Army has been using them since 1984, as Kumar had briefed. The field guns added to a book of indigenous weapons on display to highlight Atmanirbharta in the defence sector during the Republic Day parade that started at 10.30 in the morning at the Kartavya Path.