The twenty second survey conducted by Mahratta Chamber of Commerce, Industries, and Agriculture (MCCIA) during the Covid times in Pune district revealed that the production by companies has increased from 92 per cent in December 2021 to 96 per cent in January 2022

On an average, the surveyed companies said that the number of employees working has stayed the same at 91 per cent in January 2022. 

The surveyed companies were also asked about when their production levels were expected to reach the pre-pandemic levels.

About 44 per cent of the companies said their production was already at pre-Covid levels.

About 39 per cent of the respondents said that they expect their production levels to go back to the pre-Covid levels in up to 6 months as compared to 36 per cent of the companies in December 2021.

About 17 per cent said it would take more than 6 months as compared to 18 per cent of the companies in December 2021. 

Over 150 organisations participated in this survey from Pune District. The micro, small, medium and large-scale organisations participated in the survey.

About 62 per cent of the organisations surveyed were from the manufacturing sector and 17 per cent from the services sector. The remaining 21 per cent are involved in both manufacturing and services.

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