Those in the age group of 21 to 40 year are the worst hit by coronavirus in Karnataka. Of the total 8.55 lakh cases, this group accounted for 3.71 lakh cases (43.34 percent).

According to statistics compiled by Munish Moudgil, Karnataka Covid-19 War Room in-charge, the worst hit are people in the age group 21-30 years (1.86 lakh) and 31-40 years (1.85 lakh). While 41-50 years is far less at 1.47 lakh, 51-60 years 1.21 lakh and over 60 years 1.61 lakh. While the infant category of 0-10 years is 29,648 cases and 11-20 years 64,740 cases.

On the Covid mortality front, the State has seen a total 11,474 deaths, it is the people above 60 years who have been the most vulnerable and 6,230 people have lost their lives so far followed by 51-60 years with 2,947 cases, 41-50 years 1,519 cases and 31-40 years 690 cases.

Among the infected population, the State is yet to determine the cause of infection. About 4.31 lakh cases are under investigation. While 2.62 lakh cases are people with travel history, contacts account for 92,429 cases, ILI (under investigation) are 58,308 cases, SARI (under investigation) 6,994 and international travel history 797 cases.

On days taken for Covid cases to double: On november 12 it was 64 while the all India average is 66 days. Kerala and Chhattisgarh took 36 and 47 days to double while Tamil Nadu and Bihar took 82 and 86 days.

District wise Covid-19 deaths per million population as on November 12 Karnataka averaged 186.9.

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