In a bid to promote Ayurveda among young professionals, Dabur India announced this year’s AyurMedha Scholarship.

Under this initiative, the company will reach out to India’s top 50 Ayurveda medical colleges and select 3 meritorious students for the scholarship prize. The programme was started in 2012, and the company has awarded this scholarship to over 300 students till now.

The company said that this year that it will reach out to more Ayurveda medical colleges. Dabur is also inviting successful Ayurveda practitioners from across the country to deliver lectures on Clinical Aspects of Ayurveda.

In a statement, Durga Prasad, Head Ethicals, Dabur India Ltd, said, “We are very pleased to announce this year’s AyurMedha scholarship. Such platform encourages young professionals to practice Ayurveda and take goodness of Ayurveda across. Dabur as the continuum of traditional Ayurveda and cutting edge science strongly believes in passing on this knowledge to the younger generations which can take the Ayurveda heritage forward.”