With new Covid19 cases trend showing sharp decline, the national capital Delhi sees a reduced daily oxygen demand of 580 MT as against 700 MT requirement estimated earlier in the recent weeks, Manish Sisodia, Deputy Chief Minister said on Thursday.

The Delhi government on Thursday wrote to the Centre asking it to allocate the Delhi's surplus oxygen ( beyond 580 MT) to any other State with oxygen needs.

“Delhi's daily oxygen need has come down to 582 MT. We have written to Centre that instead of 700 MT, our requirements will be met at 580 MT and extra oxygen we are getting beyond our quota of 590 MT, in that a significant portion can be given to other States. We have done this as a responsible government", Sisodia said.

Sisodia highlighted that Delhi had in the last 24 hours to Thursday recorded new Covid19 infections of 10,400, the lowest in more than a month.

He said that demand for hospital beds and oxygen has come down with the fall in new Covid19 cases.

After the Supreme Court and Delhi High Court intervention last week, the Centre was told to sustain atleast 700 MT of daily oxygen supplies to Delhi.

It is not only new Covid19 cases, there has been a steep drop in daily test positivity rate too in recent days. For three consecutive days till Wednesday, the positivity rate was below 20 per cent. As of May 1, the daily test positivity rate was 31.61 per cent. The number of daily fatalities too fell since May 1 (412 deaths) to 300 on Wednesday, although it continued to be alarmingly high.

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