Freyr Energy has installed a 120 kW solar plant at the Hyderabad Public School (HPS), one of the oldest educational institutions in the country.

R. Surender Reddy, Chairman, The Hyderabad Race Club and a former MP, inaugurated the solar plant and urged everyone to embrace solar energy.

Addressing the students, he said: “The future belongs to you youngsters. When you grow up, become champions of solar energy. Clean energy such as solar costs nothing and reduces toxins in the air.”

The 120kW rooftop solar plant, designed and installed by Freyr Energy, is expected to generate 1,75,000 units of power every year and cater to 40-50% of the school’s power requirement. It will save more than ₹1,00,000 in electricity bill every year. Further, the school will eliminate 171 tonnes of greenhouse emissions annually and plant an equivalent of 1,950 trees annually.

A rooftop solar installation combined with net-metering is an ideal way to reduce the electricity bill for an educational institution. In a net meter system, the unused power generated that is exported back to the grid will be credited to the institution. This is a welcome solution for most schools which operate only for 80% of the year.

Skand Bali, Principal of Hyderabad Public School, said: “Solar makes perfect sense for us not only from an economic point of view, but also from a social responsibility and educational angle. We strongly believe in promoting green energy through our actions and hope that it inculcates the same in our students and the extended community.”