With the aim of creating over 10 lakh skilled jobs, Karnataka has launched the ‘Yuva Yuga’ scheme to skill the youth with new-age technologies.

Minister for IT-BT Priyank Kharge held an open house session with the industry in this connection. The programme aims to train over one lakh youth in the current financial year.

The Karnataka Department of IT, Biotech and Science & Technology will promote and encourage skill development among youth across multiple industries by providing training opportunities in digital technologies such as artificial intelligence, machine learning and many cutting-edge technologies.

Kharge said, “YuvaYuga is a path-breaking platform to advance industry skills among the youth. While Karnataka has been a frontrunner in IT in the country with Bengaluru being the hotbed for innovation and growth of start-ups, we should now emerge as a leading growth state in other sectors such as manufacturing, animation, gaming, visual effects, telecom, etc. Therefore, we aim to create a bigger and employable talent pool trained in new skills across the state.”

The government plans to leverage existing skilling efforts from industries or through partners to train youth with or without financial support. The programme will provide skills that will be aligned to the industry’s demands. “The training programmes are focused on skilling the youth for entry-level and mid-level jobs. People with up to 10 years of experience will be trained to keep them updated with new technologies in the industry,” Kharge said.