Maharashtra has a long tradition of saints and the Warkari sect, which preaches the message of cultural and religious equality, needs to be provided with facilities for the Karthiki Wari at Pandharpur. Given the Covid pandemic, a limited number of members of the sect should be allowed to participate in the Karthiki Wari, said Maharashtra Assembly Speaker, Nana Patole on Wednesday.

Wari is a religious pilgrimage where people from across the state travel on foot as part of the pilgrimage and reach the ancient Shree Vitthal Raukmai Temple in Pandharpur town on certain auspicious days. Devotees of the Warkari sect who participate in the Wari are known as Warkaris.

A meeting was held in the Vidhan Bhavan to discuss issues relating to the Wari and the planning due to the pandemic.

This year the Karthiki Wari is on November 27 and Alandi Wari on December 8. Earlier in the year, the Ashadhi wari, which attracts lakhs of pilgrims from across Maharashtra and Karnataka, was cancelled due to the pandemic.

Under the Pilgrimage Development Plan, 34 permanent places of rest should be provided for Warkaris. A survey should be made of the roads that the pilgrims take and repairs should be completed under road construction schemes, Patole said.