Applauding the efforts being made by start-ups in various fields, Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Sunday said that youth-run start-ups in the space sector, which are working on technologies from launch vehicles to mapping waste, were earlier considered impossible.

Addressing the nation through his Mann Ki Baat programme, the Prime Minister also shared the success stories of Indian sportspersons as well as from the time of Emergency in 1975.

“One of these achievements of the country has been the creation of an agency named In-Space… an agency that is promoting new opportunities in the space sector for the private sector of India. This beginning has especially attracted the youth of our country,” Modi said.

Many new start-ups on the rise

The Prime Minister noted that a few years back, no one in the Indian space sector had thought about start-ups, but today their number is more than a hundred. All these start-ups are working on ideas, which were either not thought about earlier, or were considered impossible for the private sector.

“For example, Chennai and Hyderabad have two start-ups — Agnikul and Skyroot! These start-ups are developing launch vehicles that will take small payloads into space. Through this, the cost of space launching is estimated to come down significantly. Similarly, Dhruva Space, another start-up from Hyderabad, is working on high technology solar panels for satellite deployer and satellites. I also met Tanveer Ahmed of Digantara, another space start-up who is trying to map waste in space,” he added.

‘Attempt to crush democracy’

Speaking about the Emergency, Modi told the programme’s young listeners that during June 1975 when the emergency was imposed all the rights were taken away from the citizens. One of those rights was the ‘Right to Life and Personal Liberty’ provided to all Indians under Article 21 of the Constitution.

At that time, an attempt was made to crush the democracy of India, Modi said. The country’s courts, every constitutional institution, and the press, were put under control. The condition of censorship was such that nothing could be printed without approval, he said.

“I remember when famous singer Kishore Kumar refused to applaud the government, he was banned. His entry on the radio was done away with. But even after many attempts, thousands of arrests, and atrocities on lakhs of people, the faith of the people of India in democracy did not shake… not at all!” the Prime Minister said.

Appreciates sportspersons

Applauding the exploits of Indian sportspersons, Modi said, “Recently, our Olympic gold medalist Neeraj Chopra was again in the headlines. Even after the Olympics, he is setting new records of success, one after the other. Neeraj won the silver at Paavo Nurmi Games in Finland. Not only that, but he also broke the record of his own Javelin Throw. Neeraj once again made the country proud by winning the gold in Kuortane Games.”

Speaking about Indian cricketer Mithali Raj, the Prime Minister termed her as one of the most talented cricketers in India. “Just this month, she announced her retirement from cricket which has emotionally moved many sports lovers. Mithali has not only been an extraordinary player but has also been an inspiration to many players. I wish Mithali all the very best for her future,” he added.