Union Minister of Finance and Corporate Affairs Nirmala Sitharaman on Wednesday said that delivery is the story of Narendra Modi-led government as India has got a Prime Minister who is dedicated to the county. She added that Modi has given clean government and nobody can accuse the government of corruption

“You can give a thousand promises. Have we not heard garibi hatao and potable water? But all that is being fulfilled now because here is the man who is dedicated to the country,” she said delivering the keynote address at an event in Pune titled ‘Modi@20: Dreams Meet Delivery’. 

Sitharaman said that during the Congress regime there were scams after scams and people were fed up.

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“After he (Modi) came as PM, had we had anyone even carelessly attempting to accuse that there was corruption here? No one has the courage to even accuse of corruption...he has given clean government,” she said. 

Digitisation with focus 

Sitharaman said that Modi kept proving himself repeatedly and it was only because of his commitment and focus that digitisation happened in India. 

“Delivery is the story, not claiming too much,” she said adding that apprehensions raised about digitisation have been answered today purely because of the speed with which payment systems have become digitised. 

“During the pandemic, pressing button from here, people got money in the account during lockdowns. Bank Mitras delivered the money. Digitisation story is a classic story of how right execution happens,” she added. 

Sitharaman said that Modi made Yoga a global phenomenon and also ensured that Indian millet growers are recognised as the world will celebrate the International Year of Millets next year.

“He is bringing credit to Indian farmers. He has given glory back to Indian farmers,” Sitharaman said. 

She added that PM Modi ensured that Covid-19 vaccines were made in India and now India is being acknowledged globally for the handling of Covid-19 pandemic and executing the vaccination programme. 

The Minister added that management students can take lessons from the book on PM Modi.