The BJP, on Tuesday, said that a floor test in Maharashtra assembly on Wednesday will establish the position of different parties in its entirety.

Its national spokesperson Nalin Kohli also rejected the contention that the Supreme Court order on the floor test on Wednesday is a “setback” to the BJP, asserting that “no judicial pronouncement on issues of the Constitution can be a setback to any political party”. Judicial orders only strengthen the Constitution, he added.

“Is not an irony and political hypocrisy when on the one hand political parties speak about constitutional values and on the other hand express an intention to boycott Parliament on the occasion of Constitutional Day,” he said, attacking the Congress and other BJP rivals for boycotting the joint sitting of Parliament which is being held to mark 70 years of the adoption of the Constitution.

Kohli said the Supreme Court has to be complied with and said it was in line with the Bommai judgment that a floor test was the only conclusive test to prove majority in the House. He also said that once the floor test is conducted it will “establish the complete position” in its entirety.

To a question if the order was a setback to the BJP, he said, “No judicial pronouncement on issues of the constitution can be a setback to any political party because such pronouncements ensure strengthening of constitutional provisions and add to the further evolution of democracy.”

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