#BA.5 rising: The BA.5 variant of Omicron, dominant across the world, is increasing in India too; and contributing to nearly 20–30 per cent of the fresh cases being reported. The surge in BA.5 variants come even as parts of the country, like Delhi, witnesses a spike in Covid-19 positivity.

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BA.5 Omicron infections rising in India: Health Ministry official
Unlike in Western countries, there are no reports of any clustering caused due to BA.5, says official

#Greenlight for Corbevax?: Reports today indicate that the government has approved Biological E’s Corbevax as a precaution dose for those above 18 years fully vaccinated with either Covishield or Covaxin, official sources said on Wednesday.

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Corbevax approved as precaution dose for adults vaccinated with Covaxin, Covishield
This is for the first time that a booster dose that is different from the one used for primary vaccination against Covid has been allowed  

#Catch-up: Less than 50 per cent of children are able to catch up with their age-appropriate learning following the Covid-19 pandemic and they get distracted easily, a new survey on learning loss and education recovery has claimed.

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Less than 50% of children able to catch up with age-appropriate learning post-pandemic: Survey
Fifty-eight per cent of teachers were of the opinion that children have missed social skills and now get distracted easily

#Flying women: Hiring more women could help airlines address the staff shortages that are disrupting travel as the world emerges from Covid-19 and demand rebounds.

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Why there are more women airline pilots in India than the US
Female pilots no longer a rarity in India, making the country successful when it comes to diversity in the airline industry

#Covid’s contact tracing lessons: To hunt for additional monkeypox cases, health authorities have deployed the wide-net contact tracing methods used to track people exposed to Covid-19. Twenty individuals, including family, friends, household domestic staff and people the deceased patient had played soccer with, were identified as being “high-risk primary contacts.” Another 165 who travelled on the same airplane were told to watch for symptoms.

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Monkeypox cases driven ‘underground’ by anti-gay stigma in India
Identifying contacts of monkeypox cases is a sensitive issue, especially if it forces people to disclose their sexual orientation

#China return in the near future: China on Tuesday said it is “confident” that the first batch of Indian students stuck back home due to the Covid-19 is a restrictions here would return in the “near future”, raising hopes for thousands of students waiting to re-join their colleges in this country.

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'Confident' first batch of Indian students stuck back home will arrive in 'near future': China
The Chinese side has been working intensively for the return of foreign students to China, said a Foreign Ministry spokesman
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