NOTA not an option many aware of

PTI New Delhi | Updated on January 24, 2018 Published on February 07, 2015


While it was introduced for the first time in 2013 Delhi Assembly polls, not many voters today seemed to be aware about the ‘None Of The Above’ (NOTA) option.

“I don’t know whether any such option exists and even if it does, why go for it,” said 21—year—old Shaurya.

Madhurima, a housewife said, “I did see one such option on the EVM but I don’t know which party it stands for.”

The apex court had given the path-breaking verdict in September 2013, holding voters have a right to reject all candidates contesting polls in a constituency by pressing NOTA.

Introduced for the first time, the NOTA option comprised over 0.6 per cent of the total votes cast in the last Delhi Assembly elections that saw AAP’s impressive debut and BJP stopping just short of a majority.

24—year—old Aarzoo Taneja who voted in Krishna Nagar constituency discouraged the practice of using NOTA.

“We live in a democracy and we must make informed choices and make a decision and use our franchise during elections and not waste it just because one doesn’t like politics or politicians,” she said.

Parmeet Singh, an engineer by profession, said, “NOTA is wastage of a precious vote.”

32—year—old Chandrika admitted that she had exercised the NOTA option.

“I used the NOTA option. It’s a very good opportunity to reject the candidates right away if you do not find any of them worth being your representative. But I think that the Election Commission should run more awareness campaigns to let people know about this option,” she said.

Published on February 07, 2015
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