The fitness landscape in India is fast undergoing transformation, with a significant rise in the adoption of online fitness and wellness platforms. The online fitness market is growing at a CAGR of 33 per cent, and is poised to reach $59 million (₹480 crore) by 2027.

Fitness centres and wellness facilities, both off and online, are incorporating elements such as meditation, mindfulness practices, yoga and stress management techniques to offer a more comprehensive approach to health and wellness. However, the prevalence of misleading advertisements, fad diets, and miracle weight-loss solutions are creating unrealistic expectations about losing weight.

long-term results

Chandigarh-based fitness start-up Fitelo has been promoting an evidence-based approach and modifying the lifestyle of individuals step-by-step, which eventually results in sustainable, long-term results.

Sahil Bansal, co-founder and CEO, Fitelo said with the use of Artificial Intelligence-enabled platform, the company helps clients gain a better understanding of their habits and improve their nutrition and lifestyles. At the end of the day, everything Fitelo does is rooted to the everyday experiences of clients, he said.

While the company’s primary clientele is from India, it has also seen good traction from over 50 countries. It has registered five times growth in demand, even after the pandemic, as more individuals are looking for convenient and accessible ways to stay fit.

Ajaypal Singh, a senior dietician from Ludhiana, said nutritional knowledge lacking in education and prevalence of misinformation, coupled with affordability issues and prioritisation of taste over health, pose significant challenges to public health and healthy eating habits.

The personal fitness and weight loss industry in India also lacks regulation and quality control, which is leading to the proliferation of unqualified professionals, misguided claims and unsafe practices.

Fitelo Learning Academy has been launched to ensure that the new hires undergo a rigorous training and certification process before they start interacting with customers, said Bansal.

“All our dietitians and nutritionists hold a degree in food or related fields, and have prior work experience with hospitals and fitness centers,” he adds. Fitelo has set its sights on growth and expansion with a plan to focus on sustainable fitness, consultation, products and services.