The Finance Ministry has imposed definitive anti-dumping duty on vinyl tiles (other than in roll or sheet form) imports from China and Taiwan. 

Based on the recommendations of the designated authority in the Commerce Ministry, the revenue department has now imposed definitive anti-dumping duty of $2.05 per square metre on luxury vinyl tiles imports from China. In the case of luxury vinyl tiles imports from Taiwan, an anti-dumping duty of $1.44 per square metre has been imposed by the revenue department. The anti-dumping duty would be valid for five years.

This revenue department move comes nearly three months after the Designated Authority in the commerce ministry made its recommendations on January 23 this year.

It maybe recalled that the petition seeking anti-dumping probe on vinyl tiles imports was filed by Welspun Flooring Ltd, Welspun Global Brands Ltd, Welspun India Ltd.

In market parlance, the product is known as luxury vinyl tiles, PVC flooring tiles or PVC tiles. Vinyl tiles are used for covering the floors in the residential and the commercial buildings.