Brigade REAP, an accelerator program focused on technology that impacts the real estate industry, celebrated ‘Demo Day’ by unveiling its latest six start-ups.

At the event, start-ups gave a detailed presentation to the real estate industry, venture capital community, investors, high networth individuals and others.

The start-ups that presented at the demo day are:

Bluesinq Automations: An IoT company that converts existing switches to intelligent switches with an aim to make them staple in every Indian home. They provide simple to install, easy to use and visually pleasing products at cost effective rates.

Clairco: A clean air company that monitors and purifies indoor air quality and ensures clean air indoors in an affordable and measurable way, by adding purification capabilities in existing AC systems. Customer can view the air quality remotely on a dashboard which gives never seen before clarity on the quality of air.

Dextra Square: A property security solutions company that helps consumers secure their properties in an effective and hassle-free manner.

Exprs: A last yard logistics company, building an efficient network of micro-distribution centres across gated communities and corporate buildings to make communities safer and businesses more efficient.

Renewate: India’s only platform for renovation and refurbishment, contributing towards organizing an unorganized sector through a single platform.

Smarter Dharma: Leveraging technology to deliver cost and resource efficiency for the real estate industry by injecting sustainability right from conceptualization to handover of infrastructure projects.

Leveraging technology

Located within the Brigade Gateway campus at Bengaluru, the Brigade REAP was launched in October 2016 with an intention to mentor start-ups leveraging technology which can help in delivering greater efficiencies to the real estate sector.

Till date, 21 start-ups have graduated through the Brigade REAP Accelerator program. Over 200 plus start-ups applied for this cohort and the short-listed went through two rounds of intense jury selection before the final six start-ups were inducted into the program.

The keynote address was given by Vipul Roongta, Managing Director and CEO of HDFC Capital Advisors.

“In today’s competitive business environment, the ability to adopt and make use of technological innovations to improve operational efficiencies and customer delight will be the key differentiator between the good and great performance,” said Nirupa Shankar, Director, Brigade REAP.

Rajeev Nair, Head Operations, in his address said “At Brigade REAP, we work with companies on an individual basis and strengthen their value prop, business models and product road map thereby helping them scale in a sustainable and exponential manner.”