Supertech’s twin towers at Noida were razed to the ground on Sunday afternoon. 

Nearly 3700 kgs of explosive was used to implode the buildings. The explosion lasted for 10-odd seconds as the buildings were reduced to a rubble around 2.30 pm. 

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Around 500 police and traffic personnel besides the Provincial Armed Constabulary were deployed as the area around Supertech’s twin towers was put out of bounds for civilians ahead of Sunday’s planned demolition of the structures. 

Road diversions were put in place early in the morning, as the evacuation of all 5000-odd residents from the two adjoining housing societies of Emerald Court and ATS Village in Sector 93A was completed around 8 am. 

Roughly 500 square metres around them has been converted into an exclusion zone, where no human, vehicle, or animal is allowed.

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“This a controlled explosion and I don’t think pollution would become a serious concern. Traffic diversions will be lifted as the day progresses and the area clears up,“ a senior police official of the UP Police said.

Traffic preparations around the Noida Supertech twin towers demolition
GP Saha, DCP Traffic, GB Nagar Commissionerate talks about the traffic diversions in and around the site of the Noida Supertech twin towers demolition.Video Credit: Reporter/Transcript: Abhishek Law; Video: Kamal Narang; Edit: Siddharth MC

Except damage to a boundary wall in the nearby building, no other major damages to property or life has been reported so far.