Russian Ambassador Denis Alipov on Friday said the delivery of S-400 missile systems to India are going according to schedule and would be completed by next year, allaying fears that the prolonged conflict with Ukraine might delay the acquisition of air defence equipment.

"The S-400 missile system deliveries (from Russia to India) are going according to schedule and any delays in defence-related issues are not because of the Ukraine conflict," Russian Ambassador Denis Alipov said .

Late last year, India got one unit of the five C-400s which Russian have to supply as per a October 2018 contract, which was worth US $ 5.5 billion. That has already been inducted into the IAF and another is in the process of getting deployed, said IAF sources. Rest three, IAF expects by 2023.


Denis Alipov also took an oblique dig at the US by saying that Russia favours "quick and peaceful" resolution of the border dispute between India and China "unlike some countries who only encourage suspicion" of New Delhi towards Beijing. "We don't want to get involved in resolution of bilateral disputes between India and China. We only encourage the two to find a quick and peaceful resolution to border disputes, unlike some countries who only encourage suspicions of India towards China and vice versa," the Russian ambassador stated as per a news agency.


He also ruled out involvement in the process to get the two nations on a negotiating table to end the more than two-year-old face off which began since the Galwan clashes between the India Army and Chinese PLA at the LAC in Eastern Ladakh. He was of the view that the disputes be "resolved solely" for the "benefit of both the parties" and "we don't see any other role in this dialogue".

On Russia-Ukraine war, Alipov said, "We want to end the hostilities. But when this will end, I can't say. We don't have any plans to occupy any Ukrainian territory. We are ready for stopping hostilities at any moment, provided any display of will by Ukraine". PM Modi during the recently held SCO Summit also voiced that it's not time for war, which was quoted by French President Emanuel Macron at the United Nations General Assembly on Tuesday.