The Bengaluru-based Centre for Cellular and Molecular Platforms – C-CAMP – has been selected by CARB-X for its Global Accelerator Network, which comprises a league of 10 organisations to combat anti-microbial resistance (AMR).

C-CAMP, an initiative of the Centre’s Department of Biotechnology (DBT), is the only accelerator from outside the US and Europe, to be selected for the AMR. CARB-X GAN brings together 10 organisations from six countries (Denmark, Germany, India, Switzerland, the UK, the US) into a single global network of expertise to provide scientific, technical and business support to the growing numbers of CARB-X-funded antibacterial research projects.

Threat to public health

The spread of drug-resistant bacteria, also known as superbugs, is a growing threat to public health and a concerted global effort is needed to develop new therapeutics, diagnostics and preventatives to combat them. The CARB-X GAN is a powerhouse of knowhow in anti-bacterial drug development, the development of rapid diagnostics, business and regulatory strategy, and other highly specialised areas essential to accelerating CARB-X’s portfolio of funded projects targeting drug-resistant bacteria.

Speaking about the partnership, Dr. Taslimarif Saiyed, CEO and Director, C-CAMP, said: “Antimicrobial resistance is a major global health challenge, more so, in India. We are excited about joining the CARB-X Global Accelerator Network, which supports innovative research targeting AMR in India and elsewhere in the world. We look forward to working with CARB-X-funded companies to support their innovative product development and collaborating with other accelerators in the network.”

Kevin Outterson, Executive Director of CARB-X and Boston University law professor said, “We are expanding our accelerator network to increase support for the development of new antibiotics, rapid diagnostics, vaccines and other life-saving products that the world so urgently needs to fight the rise of drug-resistant bacteria. Anti-bacterial product development is challenging, and CARB-X’s portfolio is growing rapidly. As a group, the Global Accelerator Network is an outstanding source of expertise and can ally in the global fight against drug-resistant bacteria.”

CARB-X GAN network

The CARB-X Global Accelerator Network (GAN) for projects is funded by CARB-X. CARB-X is the world largest public-private partnership devoted to early development antibacterial R&D. This was announced globally on February 26.

The CARB-X GAN comprises: the Centre for Cellular and Molecular Platforms - C-CAMP (Bengaluru, India), California Life Sciences Institute - CLSI (California, USA), MassBio (Boston, USA), RTI International (North Carolina, USA), the Wellcome Trust (London, UK), BaselArea.Swiss (Basel, Switzerland), BioInnovation Institute (Copenhagen, Denmark), Foundation for Innovative New Diagnostics – FIND (Geneva, Switzerland), German Center for Infection Research - DZIF (Braunschweig, Germany), and the Institute for Life Sciences Entrepreneurship - ILSE (New Jersey, USA).