Drugmaker, Eli Lilly and Company (India), said that its breast cancer drug, Ramiven (abemaciclib), has got regulatory approval for the additional indication of treating certain high-risk early breast cancer patients.

The approval is for the drug “in combination with endocrine therapy for adjuvant treatment in adult patients with hormone receptor (HR) positive, human epidermal growth factor receptor 2(HER2) negative, node-positive early breast cancer, at high risk of recurrence,” the company said.

Ramiven is already approved for the treatment of certain types of HR+ HER2- advanced or metastatic breast cancer. It is a prescription drug and available in tablet strengths of 150 mg, 100 mg, and 50 mg for EBC, the company said, without giving details on its price. According to retail data, the pricing varies between ₹11,000 to ₹23,000-odd, depending on the tablet strength and number of medicines (7 or 14 tablets) in a strip.

Ramiven (abemaciclib) is a targeted treatment known as a CDK4/6 inhibitor. And it is a non-chemotherapy tablet. Early breast cancer indicates that the cancer has not spread beyond the breast or underarm lymph nodes. And HR+, HER2- (negative) breast cancer is the most common type, a note from the company said.

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