Meet Atva, the latest compact hybrid VTOL ((Vertical Take off and Landing) drone launched by Amber Wings, an entity of ePlane Company incubated at IIT Madras. The mission-ready for a range of delivery and surveillance applications; it was launched recently at Bharat Drone Shakti 2023, held at Air Force Station Hindan in Ghaziabad.

As The ePlane Company continues its mission to build India’s first 2-seater flying electric taxi for daily passenger commute, Amber Wings has developed Atva (formerly recognised as the ePlane e6). This is a Hybrid VTOL and fixed-wing drone with versatile capabilities.

Amber Wings‘ aim is to offer safe, sustainable, and efficient aerial imaging and logistics solutions. It evolved with a vision to redefine aerial cargo transport, mapping & surveillance through unmatched eVTOL technology, said Satya Chakravarthy, Founder of The ePlane Company.

Amber Wings shall continue to scale the cargo VTOL product lines, capable of ferrying up to 50 and 100 kgs, respectively. The 50 kg payload variant has been successfully test-flown early in 2023. On the VTOL, the team has planned consecutive flight trials for the upcoming week, he said.

Chakravarthy said Amber Wings is focused on developing UAVs (VTOL drones) as logistics and aerial imaging solutions, while ePlane is focused on passenger commute.

Amber Wings bridges the mid-mile & last-mile cargo transport market segments, whereas ePlane aims to fulfil the last-mile passenger commute needs. Amber Wings is looking at selling its UAV fleet to optimise cargo transport and aerial camera-based applications (surveillance & mapping) for businesses. On the other hand, ePlane shall operate as a flying taxi service, directly accessible by the masses, he said.

“We are looking at collaborating with healthcare entities for transport of medical supplies, telehealth devices and the like - going forward, it could also be eCommerce deliveries & in terms of surveillance, it would be the oil & alternate energy entities, forestry, real-estate and so on (so, at the moment, it is B2B for both, surveillance and deliveries - where the businesses involved become our customers, but as we progress, the end consumer will be the general public - the recipients of the deliveries (through the logistics companies in case of cargo transport),” he said.

Amber Wings is developing higher payload-carrying variants to meet the diverse consumer needs for multi-industry cargo applications, he said.