Kiran Mazumdar-Shaw, Rohini Nilekani, and Kris Gopalakrishnan have jointly pledged ₹51 crore to Science Gallery Bengaluru (SGB), a not-for-profit public institution for research-based engagement targeted at young adults.

The contribution made will be used to set up the new building of the SGB which will include a public lab complex with six experimental spaces: the Natural Sciences Lab, Food Lab, Materials Lab and workshop, New Media Lab, Black Box Theatre, and Theory Lab. Prior to this, the Government of Karnataka provided the land and initial capital for construction and has also committed to supporting the institution by covering a third of its cost of operations every year, said the gallery in a media release.

World-class model

“We are creating a new kind of public space for knowledge with our pioneering Public Lab Complex. Even as we look forward to opening our doors to the public next year, I want to invite patrons, donors, and partnerships to further support us to build – in India – a world-class model for research-based engagement,” said Jahnavi Phalkey, Founding Director of SGB.

SGB was established in 2015 and has hosted five exhibitions so far. Its next exhibition, CARBON, will open to visitors in 2023 in SGB ’s dedicated facility — an upcoming purpose-built space of about 1,36,000 square feet on Bellary Road, said the gallery.