STEER, creator of materials platform technology, and FITT, the industry interface organization at IIT Delhi have come together for undertaking joint research on engineering plastics, and development of newer and more sustainable polymers.

The teams shall have access to the latest in materials platform technology, including Omega 1.71 Do/Di platform that provides the capability and control required to work with demanding, sensitive materials, company executives said. 

This development comes at a time when the industry stands at the cusp of high growth in the coming years, and this partnership will give a fillip to skill development to aid future innovations in the area of polymers, according to Babu Padmanabhan, Managing Director and Chief Knowledge Officer, STEER, as well as Chief Architect of the revolutionary Omega 1.71 Do/Di materials platform."

“The collaboration between STEER and FITT is a step towards building a strong connect between the industry and the academia to foster an active community for exchange of knowledge around the development of advanced polymers, he added.