For the first time in the history of ISRO, two women will head the deep space mission.

“For Chandrayaan-2 mission, two women — Ritu Kridhal and M Vanitha — are leading as project and mission directors respectively,” said Sivan Chairman ISRO.

Declining to reveal the exact number of women scientists involved in the mission, Sivan said, “We have about 30 per cent of women working in our organisation.”

On the patriotic fervour, Sivan said, “The lander and the rover will have the tricolour painted on them.

“The Ashoka Chakra will be imprinted on the rover’s wheels on one side and ISRO’s logo on the other.”

True spirit of indigenisation

“On the whole, Chandrayaan-2 mission depicts the true spirit of indigenisation; about 620 companies, universities and laboratories will be playing a vital role in the mission,” he added.

Explaining the mission objectives, Sivan said, “It engages with the public. Chandrayaan-2 will inspire the whole nation and motivate the youth to undertake real-life applications of science and technology — to be second to none in solving the problems of man and society.”

“The mission will also expand the country’s footprint in space. Moon is the perfect test-bed for proving technologies required for future space exploration, as well as insitu resource utilisation,” said Sivan.

India plays a big role

According to Sivan, “In future, India will contribute in a big way to exploring and uncovering the secrets of the universe — an aspiration shared by the global community.”