Bipul Behari Saha, a noted chemist has been elected as a bureau member of the International Union of Pure and Applied Chemistry (IUPAC) for the period 2020-23.

Founded 100 years ago, IUPAC is the largest global organization of Chemistry professionals.

Saha is only the second Indian after CNR Rao, former Director of the Indian Institute of Science and Bharat Ratna, to be elected (in 1979) for this prestigious position in over a century.

IUPAC has the responsibility of naming all new elements and compounds, declare atomic weights and physical constants, update Periodic table and carry out research projects.

It is comprised of 12 Committees and 8 Divisions. At the apex of IUPAC organization is "IUPAC Bureau".

Saha has been closely associated with the IUPAC as the Executive Committee Member of “IUPAC Committee on Chemistry and Industry” (first Indian to hold this position),National Representative of India in “IUPAC Division of Chemistry and Environment” and member of “IUPAC Inter-Divisional committee on Green Chemistry for Sustainable Development”.

At present, he is Director – R&D, L.R. Research Laboratories PvtLtd (wholly owned subsidiary of NACL Industries Limited), Hyderabad​​

Saha has been Visiting Professor in reputed Universities and Institutes including IIT. He was also a Principal Investigator and member of the steering committee of Government of India sponsored "New Millennium Indian Technology Leadership Initiative Project". He carried out research with Nobel Laureate Professor Derek Barton.​