As was expected, the demolition left behind a whopping mound of debris and a cloud of dust in close vicinity of the structures located in Sector 93A of Noida.

Exclusion zone

An exclusion zone of roughly 500 metres from the twin towers was created for the demolition. No human, vehicle or animal was allowed in that exclusion zone while around 5,000 residents of nearby Emerald Court and ATS village societies were also evacuated.

Only seven people were present inside the exclusion zone to trigger the button that set off over 3,700 kg of explosives in a series of blasts separated by microseconds.

Those present inside the exclusion zone were Indian blaster Chetan Dutta, who pressed the button, Mayur Mehta, the project manager for Edifice Engineering, and IPS officer Rajesh S, who is also the local deputy commissioner of police.

Besides them, four members of Jet Demolitions -- Joe Brinkkman, Marthinus Botha, Kevin Smit and Ian Ehlers -- were present there.

The detonation team was stationed about 100 metres close to the 50-acre city park in front of the twin towers. The final evacuation clearance came around 12.30 pm and the demolition took place at 2.30 pm.