Soon, commercial ads will be on Aavin milk packets to boost revenue of the The Tamil Nadu Co-operative Milk Producers' Federation (TCMPF). The TCMPF purchases milk from the member District Co-operative Milk Producers' Unions and after processing, supplies milk and milk products in the trade name of Aavin.

“We are talking to various business houses, textile companies and even with the film fraternity to put up their ads in the milk packets,’ SM Nasar, Tamil Nadu Minister for Milk and Dairy Development, told newspersons.

So far, the State government has been putting up messages during festivals and recently had promotional advertisements on the 44th Chess Olympiad. However, for the first time, commercial ads will be allowed to be put on the milk packets. “We are working on this and will soon announce it,” he said when asked for more details.

The minister said that nearly 65 lakh milk packets are supplied daily. Placing of the ads could reach nearly 2 crore people, he said while launching ten new dairy Aavin products ahead of the festive seasons. This includes cold coffee, baked yoghurt and jack fruit ice creams.

Aavin incurred a loss of around ₹200 crore last year, and the new products are a way to boost revenue. The new products will help Aavin earn ₹24 crore a year, he said.

Aavin, which ranks third in milk procurement through Co-operatives among Dairy Co-operatives in India, in 2021-2022 procured on an average of 38.26 lakh litres per day of milk at Primary Milk Producers Co-operative Societies level. This has been increased to around 42 lakh litres now, the minister said.

Aavin is the only milk Co-operative in the country, that sells monthly milk cards to the consumers. This is being followed to achieve consumers’ patronage and to retain them. In this system, monthly milk cost is received in advance at a concessional rate than MRP. The consumer in turn receives uninterrupted supply of milk at a subsidised rate, says the 2022-23 Policy Note of the Animal Husbandry, Dairying, Fisheries and Fishermen Welfare Department - Dairy Development.

The future plan includes increasing the sale of Aavin milk products from ₹45 crore per month to ₹50 crore in both metro and district unions, the policy note had said.