The third edition of the India Innovation Index will be released by Suman Bery, Vice-Chairman, Niti Aayog on Thursday. The index evaluates and ranks the states and union territories on their innovation performance.

The government agency has expanded the indicators to 66 from 36 in last edition, with a focus on uniqueness. “The new framework presents a more nuanced and comprehensive outlook for measuring the innovation performance in India,” the statement said.

i Modelled on the Global Innovation Index (GII) that ranks countries, the index was first launched domestically in October 2019. The launch of the third edition corroborates the government’scommitment to transforming the nation into an innovation-driven economy, the statement said.

The Index 2021 examines innovation capacities and ecosystems at the sub-national level and highlights recent factors and catalysts for promoting such crisis-driven innovation.

“The third edition strengthens the scope for innovation analysis by drawing on the GII framework. The states and the union territories have been divided into 17 ‘major states’, 10 ‘North-East and Hill States’, and 9 ‘union territories’ to effectively compare their performance,” it said.

A special section was introduced in the 2021 index by evaluating improvements in the indicators. The states can assess their position and factors that led to a change in their ranking vis-à-vis the 2020 Index.

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