Digital transformation solutions company UST Global said it has become a ‘Scaled Agile Framework’ (SAFe) Gold Partner with Scaled Agile, Inc.

The world’s leading framework for enterprise agility, SAFe, helps businesses address the significant challenges of developing and delivering high-quality software and systems in the shortest sustainable lead time

“As a Gold Partner, we have demonstrated significant expertise in delivering Scaled Agile services and are well positioned to support organisations with large or complex enterprise agile transformations,” a spokesperson for UST Global said.

An agile organisation is a term applied to an outfit that is quick to respond to changes in the marketplace. The agile organisation is focussed on its customer’s needs which call for customised rather than standardised offerings.

Niranjan Ramsunder, Chief Technology Officer, said UST Global’s global business agility services enable organisations tailor their transformation journeys for meeting their goals.

“We help organisations focus on driving agile adoption incrementally and iteratively and take responsibility for meaningful outcomes and support all aspects including DevOps rollouts and effective test automation,” he said.

As a Scaled Agile Gold Partner, “we look forward to helping individuals and companies apply SAFe to deliver significant benefits in productivity, quality and time to market.”

This partnership will also allow the company’s employees around the world, access to Scaled Agile content, best practices, case studies, discounted conferences and tooling.