Footsie with footwear

| Updated on November 07, 2014 Published on November 07, 2014


The women of Kerala’s Kozhikode district seem to be playing footsie with footwear and have changed the face of its chappal business. The maximum number of chappal factories is in this district, which buys around 12 lakh pairs every month, with 65 per cent of the sales coming from rural areas. A study by Jisana TK on consumer behaviour in Kerala in the Abhinav research journal shows that the footwear trend here has reversed. Around 15 years ago, rubber chappals enjoyed 90 per cent market share, but that is now down to 1 per cent. In recent years, each factory is introducing a new chappal design for women every week which are mostly made of polyurethane.

Published on November 07, 2014
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