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Elizabeth Mathew February 13 | Updated on February 11, 2013

magniflex luxury mattresses   -  BUSINESS LINE

magniflex luxury mattresses   -  BUSINESS LINE

magniflex luxury mattresses   -  BUSINESS LINE

Magniflex Gold mattress   -  BUSINESS LINE

Simmons mattresses   -  BUSINESS LINE

Simmons mattresses   -  BUSINESS LINE

Hästens, Lars Hall Hylinge 08-2006

What’s a good night’s sleep worth to you? If you really value your snooze time, then a price tag of about $60,000 shouldn’t faze you. Yeah, we’ve double-checked the number of zeros in that figure. And as it turns out a good night’s sleep might be priceless but a mattress to facilitate it, is not.

So if you’ve got the dough, then we’ve found the most luxurious mattresses in the world that can ensure that you sleep like a baby, night after night.

While there are many factors to ensuring a good night’s sleep, the most important would be comfort. The more comfortable your bed is, the easier it is for you to fall asleep, and investing in a mattress that seems to absorb all your worries is the best way to make sure you don’t skimp on beauty sleep.

The prices may seem over the top for something as functional as a mattress but consider this - an average human being spends one-third of his lifetime in bed. Now if you can’t spend to make sure that one-third of your life is spent as luxuriously as possible, what else will you spend it on?

What could be a better investment than a luxury mattress that caresses your back and makes sure you wake up well rested? We can’t think of anything! Read on as we tell you where to find the ultimate in sleep luxury.

Cloud #9!

For those willing to spend, sky’s the limit when it comes to the best mattress. And that’s quite literally too, since users have compared the experience of sleeping on a Hästens Vividus mattress to “sleeping on a cloud”. Now if that doesn’t have you in seventh heaven, what will?

With a price tag that’s close to $60,000 dollars, the Vividus – which is Latin for ‘full of life’- does have features to justify the price. The mattress is hand-made and takes 160 hours to construct and comes with a 25-year warranty! Swedish brand Hästens has been making beds for the last 150 years and the Vividus is the ultimate product of their expertise. The brand spent two years experimenting with different combinations of flax, wool, cotton and horsehair to find the perfect blend of materials that can provide the best support while retaining that amazing feeling of sinking into the bed. The icing on the cake is that each bed is only made to order – which means that if you like exclusivity, this bed is certainly made just for you.

All that glitter

Italian brand Magniflex have been manufacturing mattress with memory foam for the last few decades and their mattresses have been considered one of the top luxury brands. But they took luxury to a whole new level with their Gold Mattress. True to its name, the Gold Mattress is made of a 22-karat gold yarn cover – your sleep just got more precious. Claiming to make proper use of the metal’s anti-stress, anti-dust mite and anti-inflammatory properties, the gold yarn used by Magniflex promises to improve the user’s health.

While the memo-form material ensures maximum comfort, the gold ensures anti-bacterial benefits, and together, they ensure that your sleep is worth treasuring. Literally.

The Indian connection

Have you ever wondered why sleeping in a hotel room is the most relaxing experience? It’s not just the 24-hour room service or the opulence; it has a lot to do with the mattress. Five-star hotels tend to invest in their mattresses and some even use their luxurious bedding as a selling point. Westin received such acclaim for their beds that it started its “Heavenly Beds” concept and used it as the USP for the hotels. The brand now retails their Heavenly Bed range, giving guests the opportunity to own the bed at home as well.

India is slowly picking up as an influential luxury market and high-end brands are slowly working their way into the local scene. Luxury mattress makers have made a foray into the country but the market is still at a nascent stage.

While brands like Tempur have slowly built up a nationwide presence, others like Hästens, Simmons and Sealy are just getting started, with one or two stores opened nationwide. Sealy’s Posturepedic beds are world famous for their dual benefit beds that promise to provide inner support for the body while its softer upper layer micro-conforms to the body’s shape and size. One of the most recognised names in the bedding business, Sealy beds are preferred by star hotels too.

Magniflex, the Italian mattress brand, also has a slowly growing pan-Indian presence, and to this day, the mattresses are manufactured in Italy and shipped to the rest of the world. The brand even claims to have designed mattresses especially for “Indian backs” after conducting extensive research. The family-run business also offers customisation, which means that you can have your mattress made to suit your every need.

So if you’ve ever sympathised with the princess from the fairytale about The Princess and The Pea, then one of these high-end luxury mattresses might be just the thing to ensure that you sleep like royalty!


Published on February 11, 2013

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