World’s biggest cave discovered in China

PTI London | Updated on October 12, 2014 Published on October 12, 2014

Explorers have discovered the world’s largest cave by volume in China. Researchers have found that Miao Room Chamber in China is the largest in the world with a volume measured as 10.78 million cubic metres. This is approximately 10 per cent larger than Sarawak Chamber in Malaysia, the previous record holder.

However, the Malaysian cavern is still the world’s largest by surface area, with some 1.66 million square feet of expanse.

The Miao Room cave was scanned as part of a 2013 expedition co-led by Richard Walters from Penrith-based company Commendium Ltd.

The scan data was provided to engineers at Lancaster University, who used this raw data to make calculations on the area, volume and other values of the underground spaces.

In addition, engineers at Lancaster Product Development Unit were able to use its suite of additive manufacturing resources to produce a scaled model of the inside of the cave.

Published on October 12, 2014
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