Aadhaar Virtual ID is a revocable, temporary number linked to an actual Aadhaar card. The Unique Identification Authority of India (UIDAI) allows individuals to generate their Aadhaar Virtual ID and use it as an alternative to their Aadhaar number, including while performing e-KYC formalities. It is not possible to derive an Aadhaar number from VID. 

Aadhaar Virtual ID: validity and usage

The 16-digit numerals can be generated on the UIDAI website. Individuals can also retrieve their VID on the UIDAI portal.  There is no expiry date associated with an Aadhaar Virtual ID. Nevertheless, the older one is valid only until the Aadhaar holder generates a new virtual ID. 

Enter the Aadhaar number to generate VID

Enter the Aadhaar number to generate VID

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Note that the Aadhaar Virtual ID is not permanent like your Aadhaar card number. An individual can request to generate a new Virtual ID after the minimum period is set to one calendar day, according to the UIDAI. 

UIDAI also allows individuals to download their eAadhaar and Aadhaar PVC cards using the virtual ID instead of producing their Aadhaar card number. 

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