Chennai’s Guindy industrial estate bats for cricket now

| Updated on: May 01, 2012
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A year ago, a dilapidated eyebrow pencil unit made way to an indoor cricket academy inside the Guindy Industrial Estate in the city. Many will raise eyebrows on this transition but that's what is happening inside the estate. A number of manufacturing jobs have made way to ‘white collared' jobs such as software.

“Till a year ago, there were hundreds of workers involved in manufacturing eyebrow pencils. But today hundreds of young kids are being trained in the academy on hopes of playing for the Indian cricket team,” said Mr Saravanan, a tea shop owner inside the estate.

C Cube Sports runs the indoor cricket facility, which has six varying playing surfaces, including fast, bouncy and slow. It provides players the ability to hone a person's game in a controlled way with the use of professional bowling machines.

Feedback technology

The company has also brought Pitch Vision, a cricket-feedback technology from the UK. For every ball bowled, there will be real-time data right from the bowling speed to line and length of the ball to complex data such as the average length, deviation off the pitch, position of the front foot.

A trainee will get his/her own personalised data, which consists of the pitch map, wagon wheel, hawk eye, bee hive and 3D view.

“With bat in hand, find out if you can thread those gaps or if you hit straight to the fielder. Find out the number of runs scored, against each bowler using various custom-field settings. The best part of it is that you can view your action on video along with all the stats, graphs and data from anywhere in the world — with just your browser,” said Mr K. Sankaranarrayanan, Chief Administrative Officer, C Cube. The academy is the brainchild of his son Mr S. Balachandran.

Recently, the entire team of Mumbai Indians of the Indian Premier League practiced in the academy for four days. Many companies that have cricket teams visit the academy regularly, said Mr Sankaranarrayanan.

C Cube has also tied up brands such as SportsNest to provide high quality cricket and sport equipments. A person can also have a customised bat based on the height, grip and preference of shots.

Published on March 12, 2018

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