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Humble earthy tones, sunny yellows, pretty pinks and classic blacks and whites, are the new trendsetters for 2011. Here’s how you can make your homes revel in them

2010 has thrown up a lot of independent creative hot shops, product lines, ideas and outputs. Entrepreneurs have tried and tested new concepts and flirted with bringing fruition to their passions. People have stepped back, taken stock and come out with delightful ideas.

In the same spirit, this year, one cannot point to a single hue or idea as the interiors trend for 2011. Colour appears in various manifestations; popping up again and again to pleasure and delight us. Let’s pick the best of what’s on offer and bring it in to work with our interior spaces.

Graphic Black and White

White has now become a de facto and high-end colour in public spaces and interior design. The magic of black and white together can never fade away. These classics are constantly reinterpreted in the design context of the day. Two years ago, black and white, as a combination, was all about floral silhouettes. The context for black and white today, is set in reference to the urgency of the word. Bold text has been seen in graphic messaging and advertising. It has made its way into spaces, home interior products and accents too; walls of expressed angst, the word on cushions, lampshades, ceramics and stencils.

Black and white manifests as clarity; to cut the clutter of visual noise. It is not floral, it is not stripes nor geometrics; it is the spoken word or an encompassing silence – a quiet, shadow background highlighting, a single colour accent.

Chirpy Yellow

Yellow makes a fresh move into interiors by joining hands with black and white. Mixing various proportions of the two classics gives us gradations of grey, which makes for a Spartan backdrop to the perfect pick-up accent, yellow. In monochrome schemes, the warmth of a fashion-influenced yellow gold appears in textile texture such as bed linen - melding beautifully with comfortable coffee tones. An alternative to black and white would be the mellow khaki with yellow to take away some of the combination’s austerity. In a more modernist mood, yellow accents on retro glassware reflect the design style of the 50s. This particular shade is kept light and airy.

Gorgeous Pink

Spelling optimism, the colour pink lets us celebrate the beauty of everyday life. Shades of pink to coral harness the idea of contentment. These colours let us embrace a mood of sunny relaxation. Combinations are gathered from everyday arrangements: country flowers in chintzy vases, vegetables in baskets, patchwork cushions and

throws, quirky turned wood lamp bases and hammered brass vessels.

Coral pinks combine well with teal and turquoise and are a fresh combination with cream. Pinks when teamed with brown reflect sophistication. It ups the colour scheme for evening settings or formal lounging.

Down to Earth

The return of earthy shades is a prominent trend as it celebrates the timeless beauty of the natural world and delivers a sense of grounded harmony.

Highlighted by timber, clay, soil and denim tones that are enlivened by a dash of inspiring yellow, the earthy palette build on the notion that ‘less is more’.

Warm tans and burnt brick make a comeback inspired by natural, homely, feel-good tones of baked clay and well-worn leather. The new earthy oranges, fed by the wholesome goodness of fruits and vegetables, are vibrant yet mellow enough to live with.

The theme makes an appearance in the form of textured, woven textiles that are refined and modern with folk-printed details. Neatly edged linen fabrics, good cotton and natural wool fibres speak of the handcrafting quality. Ceramics too, are handcrafted with robust handling with a mellow gustatory palette of pumpkin, wheat and corn. Gypsy prints, leather details and trendy stripes further define the colour trend.

Latika Khosla (Better Interiors)

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Published on February 16, 2011
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