An artist in Kolkata is using waste to make an idol of Goddess Durga in an effort to create awareness among the people about recycling.

The idol, being prepared with materials such as old garments, worn-out shoes, dusted wooden items, broken flower vases and old newspapers, will be installed at the City Centre 1 shopping mall in Salt Lake.

The waste materials were collected from different parts of Kolkata over the last month, said Arijit Ghatak, the artisan who is making the idol at his workshop.

The visitors will be told about the waste materials used in the making as none can understand by seeing the finished idol, said an official of 92.7 Big FM, which has taken the initiative.

"Since we cannot deviate from the traditions, a small idol made will also be installed for the rituals," he said.

A community Durga Puja committee in north Kolkata has installed an 11-feet idol made of fibre and ashtadhatu, also called octo alloy.

Mintu Pal, the artisan who created the one tonne idol for Beniatola Sarbajanin, claimed it to be the most expensive idol of the goddess in West Bengal.

"It will be permanent and worshipped throughout the year," he said.

Another Puja committee created a 10-feet idol made of silicon. The goddess has been depicted as a mother with baby in her lap, and her three children sitting by her side. The demon is also seen near her with folded hands.

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