India has gained the highest rank with the percentage of consumers who would be interested in the ability to buy from beyond the grave, according to Wunderman Thompson Commerce and Technology’s Future Shopper Report 2023.

“With the arrival of AI and the huge amounts of data now collected on individuals ‘post-consumerism’ is a concept that refers to carrying on purchasing from beyond the grave via uploading ‘personalities’ to the cloud or being brought back to life virtually via an avatar,” as per the report.

It added that 77 per cent of shoppers in the country prefer to shop with a brand or retailer that has both a physical and online store (omnichannel).

The country tops the list, with a slightly lower percentage than last year, when it comes to digital items being bought. The report cited that the cost of mobile internet data, in India, is among the lowest globally, with consumers benefiting from free trials and massively slashed prices.

Thailand (77 per cent) and India (72 per cent) rank highest as the percentage of consumers who have changed shopping habits due to concerns around global warming and the environment. The report said consumers in India expect their deliveries to arrive in less than two hours, ranking them as the most impatient online shoppers against their global counterparts. 

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The report sheds light on the habits of online shoppers and shopping behaviour across 18 international markets, including India, and 31,000 consumers.

The report observed that post-pandemic, the future of retail is ‘steadfastly being shaped by digital,’ as shoppers envision a future where nearly two-thirds (64 per cent) of their shopping will be online in the next ten years.

The report further said that brands are closing the gap on marketplaces with online spend doubling through direct-to-consumer (D2C) channels, from 7 per cent in 2022 to 14 per cent in 2023, and brands should look to review their online sales models, with more than 58 per cent of global shoppers preferring to buy from branded marketplaces.