Around 60 per cent of the working professionals rate their current work-life balance between average to terrible, according to online career and recruitment platform,

According ‘Understanding Work Life Balance Survey’ released by out of the total, 45 per cent of the respondents for work- life balance were from non-metro cites.

The survey also mentioned that around 60 per cent of respondents spend one to two hours to travel to work and about 70 per cent respondents would like to work from home to avoid the daily commute.

In organizations where there is a work life balance policy, the top three provisions offered were flexible work hours (62 per cent), holiday (46 per cent), and pursuing hobby/passion (25 per cent).

According to the survey, work-life means ‘flexible work hours’ which came as the number one response at 41 per cent, followed by leaving work on time and not bringing work home at 39 per cent.

Around 40 per cent of the respondents also said that they want to get time to pursue their hobbies and passion and 20 per cent feel that taking time off regularly is how they define work life balance.

“If, there’s one thing that comes out distinct in this survey is dichotomy. At one level, 60 per cent of Indian respondents feel that they balance their work and life; while on the other hand, as high as about 78 per cent respondents would like to be ‘segmentors’ and not ‘blenders’ i.e. clearly defined boundaries between their personal and work lives and not blurring the line,” said, Abhijeet Mukherjee, Chief Executive Officer (CEO),, APAC and Gulf

He added, amongst the many other insights what comes through for me is the need to understand the concept of work life balance and define it well.

Over 2000 working professionals participated in the survey in the age group 18 years to over 55 years (with maximum responses received from the age bracket 18 to 34 years).

The respondents surveyed were across various key sectors such as Engineering and Construction, Production and Manufacturing, Automotive to name a few.