In the era of ChatGPT and DALL-E, April fool’s day has an AI spin with startups coming up with innovative campaigns like ixigo’s AI-Powered Ear Buds (bhAI) and Razorpay’s AI cofounder service (Ai-Co). 

Like every year, ixigo again came up with an April Fool’s campaign, which they believe can someday be real. bhAI is imagined as an AI device that gives travellers real-time advice on how to haggle, like local and fare estimates to save money on auto and cab fares, station food quality, along with real-time language translation.

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Commenting on its decision to do an AI-related campaign, an ixigo spokesperson said, “ixigo was one of the first players to work on AI and data-driven predictive use cases and offer products and features to Indian travellers to make their booking journey seamless. With ChatGPT and open AI dominating the news this year, the company decided to do a fun take on the uses cases of AI and how a futuristic AI enabled hardware can revolutionise the travel sector.”

Razorpay also went with an AI-related launch. The fintech company’s campaign featured an AI-powered co-founder called AI-Co. Every click on the chat option gives you a different AI-Co like Foundguni Ayyar, Girish Founderwala, Indra Pitchyi — all puns on popular entrepreneur names. “Jokes apart, nothing can replace our human co-founders,” Razorpay said at the bottom of its campaign website. 

Razorpay’s AI-Co results

Razorpay’s AI-Co results

On the other hand, the Bengaluru-based Grapevine April fool’s day campaign looked at the infrastructure challenges of India’s silicon valley. “We started Grapevine to help people in tech realize great career outcomes by solving small problems that we can identify. But off late we’ve realized the biggest problem tech people face is lack of transportation to office inBengaluru. Grapevine is hereby pivoting to become a shuttle project,” the company said in its social media posts. 

Beyond this, fitness company Cultfit used this opportunity to remind people that fitness and fun can go hand-in-hand. Cultfit revealed that their highly popular social media campaign ‘#cultHouseParty’, was, in fact, a ‘prank with a purpose’ culminating on April Fool’s Day. The campaign garnered over two crore views on the launch video within hours, according to the company. 

Regarding the vision behind this, Cultfit said, “the #cultHouseParty campaign came as a reminder that fitness and fun can go hand-in-hand. Cultfit believes that one’s lifestyle choices don’t have to be limited to either/or options, as they show how one can bring fitness and fun together.”