Netflix has revealed viewership data for the most-watched TV shows and movies on its site. According to the data released during its quarterly shareholders’ meeting, Stranger Things took the first position among TV shows, with a total of 64 million viewers worldwide.

Among movies, the Sandra Bullock-starrer Bird Box was the most watched movie, with 80 million viewers. The data is from October 2018 till September 2019. Specifically, for India, the shareholders’ report mentioned that the second season of Sacred Games was the most-watched show in the country on its site, but did not share absolute viewership numbers.

The streaming site counts a view for a TV show when 70 per cent of one episode has been watched within four weeks of the show appearing on the site. The streaming site has 158 million subscribers worldwide, but does not share numbers country-wise.

The other content that appears on the most-watched list seems to be a mix of English and Spanish language TV shows. La Casa del Papel (44 million viewers) and Elite (20 million viewers) are both crime thrillers in Spanish, that seems to have become hits even with viewers who do not speak Spanish.

Here’s a list of TV series and movies that have done well on Netflix:

  1. Stranger Things Season 3 (the most watched season to date with 64m member households in its first four weeks).
  2. Unbelievable (watched by 32m member households in its first 28 days).
  3. La Casa de Papel (aka Money Heist) became the most watched show on Netflix across its non-English language territories with 44m households watching the new season in the first four weeks of release.
  4. Sacred Games, most watched show in India.
  5. Tall Girl, a new family film starring Ava Michelle, with 41m households watching in the first 28 days.

A list prepared by The New York Times shows the top 10 TV shows and movies by viewership for October 2018 to September 2019

Television shows:

  1. Stranger Things (64 million)
  2. Umbrella Academy (45 million)
  3. Money Heist (La Casa de Papel) (44 million)
  4. You (40 million)
  5. Sex Education (40 million)
  6. Our Planet (33 million)
  7. Unbelievable (32 million)
  8. Dead to Me (30 million)
  9. When They See Us (25 million)
  10. Elite (20 million)


  1. Bird Box (80 million)
  2. Murder Mystery (73 million)
  3. Triple Frontier (52 million)
  4. The Perfect Date (48 million)
  5. Tall Girl (41 million)
  6. The Highwaymen (40 million)
  7. Secret Obsession (40 million)
  8. Always Be My Maybe (32 million)
  9. Otherhood (29 million)
  10. Fyre (20 million)

(Tinsy is a freelance writer based in Mumbai)