The Sunday Kutcheri in the Park, a popular open-air mikeless Carnatic music concert for children, was relaunched on Sunday in Chennai. 

The monthly event, organised by Sundaram Finance Ltd on the first Sunday of every month, had an uninterrupted run for 14 years ever since its launch in February 2006. The event could not be held since April 2020 due to Covid-19 outbreak and the consequent lockdowns and restrictions. 

On April 3, the monthly concert was relaunched with the flute recital by 12-year-old P Viswanathan. Sundaram Finance MD Rajiv Lochan re-launched the event at Chennai’s Nageswara Rao Park.

“Sundaram Finance is committed to continuing the monthly Sunday Kutcheri in the Park series at the Nageswara Rao Park providing opportunities to talented artistes. In the first 14 years, the mikeless kutcheris had served as a stepping stone for many youngsters and our endeavour is to provide opportunities to children aged below 15 to showcase their musical talent and help them gain confidence in an informal setting around the Chess Square,” Lochan, said.  

Former MD of Sundaram Finance, TT Srinivasaraghavan, who was instrumental in the launch of the Sunday Kutcheri in the Park was present on the occasion.

“This platform has served as a launch pad for several budding talents over the years and I look forward to many more of them commencing their musical journeys from this unique and charming environment, to the accompaniment of chirping birds and rustling leaves!” Srinivasaraghavan, said. 

Srinivasaraghavan handed certificates and mementos to the artistes at the end of the event.