In his Mann ki Baat address in August 2020, Prime Minister Narendra Modi gave a clarion call on rebranding this Indian industry, which is said to be the feather of Make in India initiative.

The industry, subsequently, saw a 70 per cent reduction in imports and 61 per cent increase in exports in the next three years. This is among some of the other interesting questions faced by the participants of the Hyderabad regional round of 19th edition of Cerebration Quiz 2022 held on Sunday. The contestants gave the right answer: toy industry.

After four gruelling rounds, Adarsh Mohapatra (AIIMS Bhubaneswar) emerged as the winner of the Hyderabad round with 80 points, followed by Naveen Kumar (Sai Mitra Constructions) and Kapinjal Chowdhury (TCS), at second and third places, with 46 points and 22 points, respectively.

Participants of the Kochi regional round faced some interesting questions as well: The CTHI is an index that ranks jurisdictions that are the greatest enablers of a certain form of abuse. Its 2021 rankings had three British Overseas Territories as the top 3, followed by Netherlands, Switzerland, Luxembourg, Hong Kong, Jersey, Singapore and the UAE. What index is the CTHI? Participants were bang on with the right answer: ‘Corporate Tax Haven Index’.

Jameer KB (Q Collective Knowledge Solutions) emerged the winner of the Kochi round with 31 points, while Rishi Kant Gupta (SAIL) stood second with 25 points and Rakesh Pillai (Measured Inc) finished at third place with 22 points.

Winners of the Hyderabad and Kochi round will head for the national finals in Mumbai.

One of India’s biggest corporate quiz championships, the Cerebration Quiz is open to business professionals, corporate executives, MBA aspirants and students from India’s top-notch B-schools. Union Bank of India is the title sponsor for the event, which is powered by ManageEngine. Parker is the writing instrument partner and Greyon Cosmetics is the Associate partner.