Emphasising on the need for transparency, Prime Minister Narendra Modi today said that a lot of pressure was created on him so that auctions for FM Radio are not held but added that now the money gained through this process will be utilised for the poor.

“Right now FM Radio auctions are going on. Many people are upset. A lot of pressure was created on me that ‘Modiji FM Radio is for common people. There is no earning. So why are you going for FM Radio auctions?’ A lot of pressure was created and in every way attempt was made to gain my attention,” Modi said in his Independence Day speech.

He said that Team India comprising 125 crore people wants transparency and now in FM Radio auctions are on.

“Day before yesterday, when I asked, it had already crossed Rs 1,000 crore and this money is going to be utilised for the poor,” he said.

The government had recently begun the process of e-auctions of the first batch of channels under the private FM Radio phase III expansion.