The Argentine capital has unveiled a new museum dedicated to exhibiting a private collection of some 150 works by contemporary artists from around the world.

The Museum of Contemporary Art of Buenos Aires, a concrete-and-glass structure of seven floors and 1,500 square meters (140 square feet) of gallery space, houses a collection of works remarkable for their geometric abstraction and striking colours.

Among the featured artists are Italians Tony Costa and Alberto Biasi, Sewell Sillman and Kenneth Noland from the United States, British artist Sarah Morris, Spain’s Rosa Brun and Francisco Sobrino, Belgian Pol Bury, Joel Stein of France, as well as Hungarian Victor Vasarely.

The museum also presents works by Brazil’s Joao Carlos Galvao, Carmelo Arden Quin of Uruguay and Argentines Marta Minujin, Pablo Siquier, Julio le Parc and Rogelio Polesello.

The private museum and its collection belong to Argentine businessman Aldo Rubino. It is run by artistic director Maria Jose Herrera.

The museum is located in the heart of the picturesque San Telmo neighbourhood and is adjacent to the Buenos Aires Museum of Modern Art.